A Deal Site Let Facebook Decide On An Office Renovation. It Got A Slide

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Deal site CatchOfTheDay put a slide in its Melbourne headquarters, after letting its social media fans pick something fun for an office revamp.

Social media manager Chris Steele told Business Insider the novelty was yet to wear off. But it’s only been a week.

Here’s what some of the staff said:

  • “Seriously?”
  • “This is going to come in handy on Friday afternoons”
  • “Best. Office. Ever”
  • “We might as well get rid of the elevator now”
  • “No one is going to believe this”

And here’s what some of the group’s clients said:

  • “We get to have a go too, right?”
  • “So, is this just for staff or do we get to have a go?”

“It might seem like a bit of fun — having a giant slide in your office is always fun — but it says a lot about us,” he said.

“And it’s a great way to make a quick escape on a Friday afternoon.”

Since the slide, which connects level one to the ground floor has been in Steele said several clients have tried it, some who had come to the office purely to do so.

And no one has declined yet, he said.

“I don’t think the novelty will wear off.”

“Everyone has had a go at least once.”

The company asked its Facebook and Twitter fans to vote on which accessory it would install in its office.

They could pick from the slide, a pool table or Fusbal table – so no one was surprised when the slide won.

“We had our fingers crossed, we knew they [the followers] would come through for us.”

“It’s safe to say the stairs have become a lot less popular around here this week.

“We’ve even had suppliers and guests to the office wanting to take the slide instead of the elevator.”

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