This dating app is naming and shaming people who are using the app to cheat

Hinge, the dating app that wants you to feel like you’re being warmly introduced at a cocktail party rather than meeting a stranger at a bar, is taking Sydney by storm — and it’s about to drop a bomb in the works.

Having launched just over a month ago, the app’s user base has already grown seven-fold in Sydney, and now creates roughly 35,500 dates per week.

How it works is users are connected with other users who are friends of Facebook friends, automatically eliminating weirdos by only connecting people from extended social circles.

But recent suspicions that 42% of dating app users are in relationships struck a nerve with the apps developers and so they decided to declare war on cheaters.

After an analysis of its user base, Hinge found that 1.6% users are married or engaged and an additional 2% are in a relationship.

“While this seems low, we want to ensure Hinge remains a trusted place for finding relationships,” Hinge told Business Insider.

In its latest release, version 3.5, users with a Facebook relationship status of “married,” “engaged,” or “in a relationship” will now have this duplicated on their Hinge profiles.

We asked Hinge if they could tell us about some of the Aussies using the app, and while they couldn’t divulge information for privacy reasons, they didn’t confirm nor deny that Miranda Kerr uses it.

However, they did tell us that the top three companies represented on Hinge in Sydney are Google, LinkedIn & Commonwealth Bank, which gives an indicator of the apps clientele.

The app launched in Sydney after phenomenal success in the States, where it started. But it wasn’t an instant winner.

Not too long ago the app was on the verge of dying. It had just $US35,000 in the bank after having raised $US1 million.

In a last ditch effort to reignite the business its founders threw a saving grace party, at a cost of $US25,000. The result? It attracted more matches that night than it had attracted the entire year prior. You can read more about it here.

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