This Data Suggests That Whatever Today's Jobs Outcome, Employment In Australia Is Struggling

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The local arm of the World’s largest job site, Indeed, says that job listings on its Australian site fell 16.3% in December from November.

The industry breakdown showed a broad-based fall:

  • Healthcare jobs: -16.8%
  • IT jobs: -18.8%
  • Mining jobs: -15.1%
  • Retail jobs: -23.2%
  • Tourism jobs: -19.8%

A fall like that is not unexpected, according to Chris McDonald, the local boss at Indeed. He told Business Insider that:

“Many industries, such as retail and tourism, advertise a higher number of jobs in November, to prepare for the busy Christmas period. Based on this, a large decrease in jobs in these industries through December are not unexpected, once these positions have been filled.”

But McDonald said there is a concern in what he is seeing in this data as “consistent declines in industries without much of seasonal pattern, such as mining, healthcare, and IT, are emblematic of more worrisome employment trends in Australia.”

We’ll know more at 11.30 this morning when the ABS releases the December employment report.

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