This cute video of a baby koala with a butterfly on its nose has gone viral, and it's easy to see why

Photo: Symbio Wildlife Park/ Facebook.

You can’t plan moments like this.

Willow, a koala joey at Symbio Wildlife Park in NSW, was being filmed for an upcoming video when her shoot was taken over by a butterfly.

The interaction between the pair as turned the cute dial up to the max and the internet is melting over it.

Symbio Wildlife Park told the ABC that the footage was the culmination of a fortuitous situation.

The wildlife park was filming several segments for an upcoming video about its sustainability initiatives.

“We had always planned to have a butterfly on a flower, with the koalas in the background, as one of those iconic little bits of footage for the introduction of the sustainability video,” marketing and creative services manager at Symbio, Kevin Fallon said.

“We just never thought in a million years that would happen and Willow’s reaction would be so priceless.”

Willow is one of seven koalas living at Symbio Wildlife Park, south of Sydney.

Since the video was posted yesterday it has amassed 1.9 million views and has been shared 70,258 times.

See the footage here.

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