This Could Be Queensland's First Cyclone Of The Season

Port Douglas, Australia, April 12, 2014. Photo: Ian Hitchcock/Getty Images

Queensland could face its first cyclone of the season this weekend if a low sitting in the Coral Sea intensifies.

Australian Bureau of Meteorology forecasters said there was a moderate chance the system could develop into a cyclone on Saturday, with the chance increasing on Sunday.

“The risk of tropical cyclone development will remain elevated over Australia’s northern waters while the monsoon trough remains active in the region,” The Australian Bureau of Meteorology said.

Overnight the low was between 300km and 400km northeast of Cooktown.

It’s still too early to say which way it might track.

The low has been building throughout the week and heavy rain has already been lashing the far north of the state.

Here’s the chart.

Bureau of Meteorology.

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