This Connecticut School Board Wants To Kill The Legging Craze


Photo: Flickr

The Meriden School Board of Education in Connecticut is mulling over a proposal to ban skin-tight clothing because it distracts other students, New York Daily News’ Nina Mandell reports. According to WFSB-TV, the new dress code policy would prohibit “leotards, jeggings, skinny jeans and revealing and form-fitting materials such as spandex.” 

Any clothing that “shows form inappropriate for the academic environment” would be prohibited, Board of Education president Mark Hughs told the TV station

The policy changes were first discussed in January but were pushed back so board members could define “form-fitting” clothing and consider whether fashion trends, like jeggings, would be relevant in 10 years.  

Fortunately, one teacher has brought some clear-thinking to the situation, noting that the dress code debate — not the tight clothes — has become the distraction.  

The Board will vote on the decision in April. Until then, America’s students can read up on how tight-clothing is making them sick.  

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