This Company Will Give You An iPad Just For Showing Up To A Job Interview

iPad guy

Autonomy, a big British software firm, will give an iPad to every job applicant who comes to a job interview. That’s right — not to new hires, but to people who show up. (Economic Times)

The company is based in Cambridge, where Britain’s top technology university and a big startup cluster are located, and where the war for talent is therefore fierce. So in order to get the best applicants, Autonomy will give an iPad to those who just make it to the interview stage.

Two thoughts:

  1. BUBBLE BUBBLE BUBBLE? The fact that early stage startups get tons of money thrown at them is well documented by now. An under-discussed side-effect for this is the war for talent. Great talent is essential to the success of an early-stage startups, and plenty of ambitious, cash-rich startups means a vicious war for talent.
  2. The bubble issue aside, this actually strikes us as pretty smart and ballsy. A company offering perks just for interviewing shows confidence that they’re a great company with a great work environment and that they can convince great candidates to join them instead of just showing up for the iPad. So we like it.

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