This company wants to force mobile users to look at even more ads during TV ad breaks

Photo: iStock.

A growing concern for many businesses advertising on television is losing viewers during ad breaks, when they are likely to turn to their mobile phones.

But a new advertising company thinks it has a technology to combat this.

By integrating with Facebook and Google data, Path 51 launches second screen ads that sync in real time with TV and radio commercials.

This means, if a brand advertises on television, Path 51’s detection process allows that brand to simultaneously serve an ad in the digital space, and those consumers who turn from the TV screen to their second screen will still be caught by the digital spot.

“The truth is that 90% of consumers are active on their second screens while watching television,” says Path 51 general manager Simon Larcey. “This was what inspired the launch of Path 51. We knew that we needed to develop a tool that could turn this challenge into an opportunity.

“Through integration with Google and Facebook, we are able to amplify advertising responses, which increases conversion rates and maximises the effectiveness of client spend.

“With Path 51, advertisers can establish campaigns that follow consumer from the offline to the online.”

After launching this year, the company has already signed up some major advertisers like Coles, Crownbet and TAFE, as well as a host of agency groups including Mediacom, UM, Columbus and Atomic 212 to use the technology.

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