This Company Just Dumped An iPhone In A Fishtank On Stage -- And It Still Worked

Lifeproof demo at Launch

Photo: Matt Rosoff

At Launch just now, Lifeproof just gave one of the best on-stage demos ever.With no slideware or talk, just music playing in the background, the company put one a panelist’s iPhone in a bowl, dumped ketchup and mustard over it, covered it in dirt from a clump of daffodils, then dropped it in a fish tank.


When they pulled it out and handed it back to panelist Greg Tseng, the phone still worked.

Of course the phone was protected by Lifeproof’s waterproof and shockproof case. There are plenty of other waterproof cases for phones, but Lifeproof’s case is only one-sixteenth of an inch thick, so the phone still fits in your pocket.

The company spent mover $1 million to develop the Lifeproof case, and has filed patents in more than 20 innovation areas. Lifeproof hasn’t disclosed pricing yet — a representative at the booth yesterday told me that you have to consider the replacement value of the phone, which suggests it will be pretty expensive. They also said they’re considering a warranty program, but want to make sure that nobody throws their phone off a building and then tries to claim that the case didn’t work. 

Updated: Here’s the video. The demonstration starts at 1:40:

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