This company cancelled their Australian serial killer-inspired ghost tours after locals voiced outrage

NSW Premier Mike Baird. Photo: Getty Images

Goulburn Ghost Tours cancelled all future “extreme terror tours” of Australia’s Belanglo State Forest after the local community and NSW premier Mike Baird criticised the company’s ethics.

Baird labelled the tours, which visited the areas of the NSW forest where convicted Australian serial killer Ivan Milat tortured and buried his victims, as “horrendous” and questioned whether the company had the necessary permits to operate these kinds of excursions.

“It’s completely and utterly outrageous. I saw those reports and I couldn’t quite believe it,” he told ABC News.

“I have been advised they haven’t yet sought a permit but if they do, they won’t be getting one, and if they operate illegally they will face the full force of the law.”

Locals from the surrounding community in the southern highlands also voiced their outrage over the impact the tours would have on victims’ families.

Goulburn Ghost Tours volunteer Louise Edwards last night told hosts of Channel Ten’s The Project that the company would no longer be operating Belanglo tours, which had been running since June.

Here’s their website, which was taken down yesterday, along with the line “Once you enter Belanglo State Forest you may never come out”:

The site said operators also offered “paranormal equipment and training”, as well as snacks and billy tea.

Ivan Milat was convicted of seven murders and is serving seven consecutive life sentences as well as 18 years without parole.

Earlier this year a dramatised mini-series about the investigation into the Ivan Milat backpacker murders, Catching Milat, was aired on Australian television, with almost 1.5 million viewers tuning in to the finale in May.

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