The colourful tiny home is only 140 square feet -- and it can be yours for $48,000

Toy box Tiny HomePaul Schultz and Frank HendersonIt’s tiny but it’s versatile.

The Toy Box Tiny Home isn’t your typical tiny home.

According to its creators, it was built to express four things: peace, simplicity, happiness, and recreation.

The $US48,000 box makes no bones about its 140-square-foot living space. In fact, it flaunts it right up front with its skinny trailer base and whimsical colorblock panels.

Designed by Frank Henderson and Paul Schultz, the home is for sale on

Though colour-block panels dominate most of the home's exterior, the black-rimmed windows add to its design.

The home is sold with cube-style seating in the main living space.

The cubes can also morph into a coffee-table.

Yet another use for the cubes: storage.

The kitchen area is actually quite workable, if you're handy with a hot plate.

There's additional food and appliance storage under the kitchen counter.

A kitchen table for two is perched next to a window for a view and some fresh air.

If you're wondering why the shower curtain is next to the sink...'s because that's where the shower is.

Back in the main living area, there's even a desk for doing 'work.'

Dry food can be stored in the cube above the kitchen counter.

Built-in shelves are great for storing glasses and serving ware.

A ladder leads to the lofted sleeping area.

Which can fit a full-size bed!

The home is packed with eco-friendly features, including white plastic roofing.

The many windows serve two purposes: natural light and ventilation.

Like what you see? This first example of the Toy Box Tiny Home is currently being sold for $48,000.

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