This Colorado Startup Built An Indoor Beach Complete With Tiki Bar

Boulder, Colorado, startup Trada has some of the craziest office space in town. It houses a room with an indoor beach.

The customer service folks work there so they call the room “Retention Island.” 

The surf is merely paint. But they did build a real wood dock over it.

Startup Trada beach room

Photo: Business Insider

However, a third of the room is filled with real sand, a couple of inches thick. Naturally, that’s where the Tiki bar is.

Trada beach room Tiki bar

Photo: Business Insider

This isn’t the company rec room either. Ping pong table, pool table, wine bar and graffiti wall are located elsewhere surrounded by run-of-the-mill cubbies.

Makes sense. The boss’s desk is tucked into a corner of the main room. His door is a bunch of Aspen trees and a massive stuffed black horse.

Trada CEO Niel Robertson's crazy officeTrada CEO Niel Robertson’s stands in front of his crazy office.

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