This Coke Ad, In Which Ordinary Folks Are Suddenly Forced Into A 007 Foot Chase, Is Utterly Charming

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[credit provider=”Coca-Cola”]

The new Coke Zero “Skyfall” video is yet another textbook case of how to create a successful viral ad.It’s a simple idea, followed by an incredibly complicated execution: How do ordinary people react if they’re suddenly forced into a James Bond-style foot chase through a crowded European railway station?

The spot was created by viral masters Duval Guillaume Modem, best-known for their Belgian TNT effort earlier this year, which featured unsuspecting villagers who find themselves in the middle of gunfights, runaway ambulances, and lingerie-wearing women on motorcycles.

Following a similar formula for Coke, Duval Guillaume Modem set up digital vending machines in an Antwerp train station to offer travellers free tickets to the launch of “Skyfall.”

There’s just one catch: the free tickets are on platform 6, and the punters are given only 70 seconds to get there.

As they race across the station, the befuddled commuters find themselves confronted with just the sort of nonsense that crops up in the movies — two guys carrying a plate glass window at just the wrong moment, a fruit vendor spilling an avalanche of oranges, and so on.

It turns out that the guys who take up the challenge handle the assignment with a fair amount of grace: