This chopstick hack is blowing up the internet

Photo: Shutterstock.

You know that square piece of wood holding your disposable chopsticks together? Stop chucking it away, it’s actually meant to be a holder for your chopsticks.

This photo, explaining the actual purpose of the wooden square, was posted on Twitter two days ago. It has since been retweeted 3,580 times.

Resting your chopsticks on a holder, in between mouthfuls, is considered the proper etiquette in Japanese culture.

A blog post on Japan Talk, discusses how to position your chopsticks when your not using them.

It also has another hack to help you should your disposable sticks not have the wooden square attached.

Many Japanese restaurants will provide a chopstick holder. When you are not using your chopsticks place them on the holder. If the chopsticks are disposable you will not be given a holder. However, you can make one from the wrapper of the chopsticks. Chopsticks should never be placed upright in your rice as this resembles a ceremony performed at funerals in Japan.

Basically, don’t be this guy.

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