This Chinese Accounting School Drop-Out Is Making $180k A Month Selling Magic Spells Online

A former accounting student from China’s Changsha University of Science and Technology is making headlines for starting an online spell-writing business that brings in a million yuan (almost $180,000) a month.

Tom Phillips of the Telegraph reports that Luo Shun has worked as a “freelance feng shui consultant” since 2002, after quitting university.

Luo started an online store on Chinese shopping site Taobao in October. The store reportedly sells about 2500 spells a month at between 38 and 2000 yuan a spell.

According to the Telegraph, Luo’s products include: a spell to improve relationships between women and their mothers-in-law; an “abortion atonement spell”; and a spell that makes debtors return your money.

There’s more on the Telegraph.

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