This Chart Sums Up Phil Mickelson's Misery At The US Open

In his career, Phil Mickelson has finished in the top 10 at the U.S. Open a whopping 10 times without a single win. A look at the chart below shows just how much Mickelson struggles on Saturday and Sunday at the national championship.

In U.S. Open tournaments in which Mickelson has finished in the top 10, he has averaged a very good 0.6 strokes below par in the opening round. However, as the tournament progresses, Mickelson’s average goes up, until he is averaging 2-over in the final round.

For comparison, Tiger Woods has been far more consistent during his eight top-10 finishes. Tiger’s worst round is only 1.1 strokes worse than his best round, while Mickelson’s final round averages 2.6 strokes worse than his opening round…

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