This Chart Shows Why Zynga Has To Re-Orient Its Entire Business

chefville chart

Photo: AppData

7 million now seems to be Zynga’s magic number.Zynga’s past three major Facebook titles (The Ville, CastleVille and now ChefVille) have quickly jumped to about 7 million daily active players (DAUs), according to AppData.

Two of them, CastleVille and The Ville, have tapered off significantly since then, and ChefVille now appears to be doing the same.

They have never hit the critical mass of having tens of millions of players like its previous hits, CityVille and FarmVille. The reason is, still, pretty simple: fewer people are playing Facebook games.

ChefVille hit around 7 million daily players before flattening in growth. (There appears to be a several day delay on Facebook’s end of reporting DAU numbers, but it still ticks down at the end of the line.)

Zynga is still certainly trying. It just released FarmVille 2, which is essentially a high-definition sequel of its last hit that had tens of millions of players.

But Zynga, whether it wants to be or not, is now a mobile company and has only a small opening for hardcore games on Facebook. Zynga is also inching ever closer to constructing an online real-money gambling empire.

For now, ChefVille just seems destined for this same pattern, given the decline of Zynga’s Facebook gaming empire.

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