This Chart Shows How Much Money The US Has Blown On Pakistan Since The 1950s

America gives a lot of money to Pakistan. A ridiculously huge amount in fact, and it has done for a very long time.

Despite this, Pakistan, generally, hates America.

A new report from the centre for Global Development, appropriately titled “More Money, More Problems”, provides a chart that shows the history of the US money flowing to Pakistan:

Pakistan Aid

Photo: centre for Global Development

One key takeaway from the chart, made by the report’s authors (Nancy Birdsall, Milan Vaishnav, and Daniel Cutherell) is that the US has a history of sending over a lot of high-profile aid to Pakistan when they need them, and then taking it away suddenly. This, understandably, doesn’t exactly make Pakistanis trust the US:

Pakistani elites and opinion makers have not forgotten the volatile history of US aid, which has seen at least three rounds of rapid buildup and then precipitous withdrawal for political and diplomatic reasons. This boom-bust cycle is a continuing source of deep scepticism about the steadfastness of America as a partner and helps drive the Pakistanis to focus on the short term and, more specifically, on disbursements to support their budgets rather than on long-term investments in their people and their institutions. Because of that history, many Pakistanis believe that the US civilian aid program is contingent on Pakistani cooperation with the United States in countering terrorist elements operating within the sovereign boundaries of the Pakistani state and that at any moment (as has been the case in the past) aid could be withdrawn.

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