This Chart Breaks Down Why Advertisers Need YouTube


This is the ninth of a seventeen-part series called “Video Revolution.” This series brings you up to speed on innovations in the video advertising industry. “Video Revolution” is brought to you by Innovid.

With 1 billion unique users every month, YouTube has become a necessary platform in virtually any marketing plan.

MDG Advertising created an infographic that breaks down all the numbers that explain why advertisers need to be on the video sharing site.

Some teasers are:

  • 21.7% of Americans check YouTube everyday
  • The top 500 brands on YouTube average 884,000 monthly views
  • YouTube shares the love. According to MDG, videos that get YouTube attention can increase that brand’s Facebook interaction by 800% and increase sales by 107%.

See why advertisers would be crazy to ignore YouTube below:

infographic youtube advertising

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