The CEO Of Aon Corp Is Getting $641,000 To Move To London


Relocation stipends aren’t what they used to be.

Last week, insurance brokerage giant Aon Corp. announced it would be moving its global headquarters from Chicago to London to ease its tax burden, the Chicago Tribune reported.

CEO Greg Case, who is paid nearly $10 million annually, is getting a rather swish deal to move, according to Footnoted:

  • $135,000 annual foreign service allowance
  • $336,000 annual housing allowance
  • $90,000 annual cost of living allowance
  • $80,000 one-time relocation allowance

Other Aon executives will get similar, albeit less eye-popping, deals, the site reported.

No job losses are expected from the move, Aon’s release said. The company’s U.S. headquarters — the fifth-tallest building in the country — will remain in Chicago.

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