This Cat Got Loose On An aeroplane, Scampered Into The Cockpit, And Delayed The Flight For 4 Hours

air canada cat

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A cat, Ripples, got loose on an Air Canada flight and managed to delay it for four hours, reports Kelland Sundahl at CTV News.How did it happen? Air Canada allows passengers to carry pets on its planes if they’re under 20 pounds and are kept in a crate underneath a seat.

The crate wasn’t closed properly after a security inspection, and the cat jumped out during the boarding process.

Then, it scampered into the cockpit, ran past the captain and went through a panel into the wiring of the aeroplane, where it stayed. They called maintenance crews to come remove the panel and retrieve the cat, and then had to make sure the cat didn’t damage anything, grounding the flight for over four hours.

Ripples’ little adventure comes in the midst of some existing controversy about pets on planes in Canada. Air Canada recently said that it can’t comply fully with a ban — meant to protect passengers with allergies — because of “air travellers who need to fly with an ’emotional support animal.'”

The affected passengers seemed to handle it quite well, but would you be mad at someone if they delayed your flight for four hours because of their cat?