This Brilliant Flowchart Will Help You Choose The Perfect Board Game For Any Occasion

Bored? Picture: BBC

If you’re still on Christmas holidays, you’re either (a) lucky, or (b) probably poorer than you’d like to be. Either way, there’s a good chance you’re a bit over them by now.

Eventually, whether you’re stuck at home bored or rained in to a holiday house, you’ll think about pulling out a deck of cards. Or maybe even a board game.

Maybe even a board game that isn’t Monopoly or Trivial Pursuit, because there’s a good chance your games cupboard is full of dust-collecting rectangular boxes you’ve never opened but, because they’re gifts, you’ve never had the heart to throw out.

And now, thanks to this amazing flowchart which directs you to the perfect board game for every occasion, you might even be tempted to dive into one of them, knowing it’s worth reading the How to Play instructions.

We first spotted this at Kotaku. It’s from 2013, but obviously timeless.

And while we don’t know who drew it, we’ll give the credit and thanks for throwing us a holiday boredom lifeline to, since it carries their watermark.

Picture: Silver Oak Casino

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