This Brad Pitt Chanel Commercial Is Too Awkward For Words — Today's Ad Brief

Brad Pitt is the first-ever man to shill Chanel No. 5 in an advertising campaign. He also stars in what is one of the most awkward ads we’ve ever seen. He spouts koan-like truisms such as “every journey ends but we go on” while refusing to maintain eye contact with the camera. The black-and-white spot was made by filmmaker Joe Wright. Click here for the hilarious SNL spoofs inspired by the ad.

It turns out that Facebook has secretly been allowing certain marketers to see which other products their fans like, Adweek reports. This is a goldmine of information that would enable more insightful promotions and consumer awareness. But it’s only for the lucky few. The new tool could be a threat to Likester, the Facebook analytics agency that produces similar information.

Not one to be left out, Kit Kat bar has now skydived from space. Thanks, JWT London.

Even though MEC handled Macy’s media account since 2007, the retailer shifted its $770 million media budget to Carat after a review.

Jerry Barnhart is the new CFO/COO at the Seattle-based agency Wexley School for Girls. He was formerly at Goodby, Silverstein & Partners.

Deutsch NY has a new spot for PNC called “Bigger.”

Mitch Kline joined digital audio ad network TargetSpot as the Vice President of Radio Sales.

Dick van Motman was appointed CEO and Chairman of Dentsu Asia.

Mojiva launched a tablet-only mobile ad network called Mojiva Tab.

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