This Blobfish Was Just Voted The World’s Ugliest Animal

Not all animals are cute and fuzzy. Some are downright ugly, but they deserve love too. To that end, the Ugly Animal Preservation Society set out looking to pick a new mascot.

Out of 12 contenders, the blobfish emerged the winner, with more than 800 likes on YouTube.

The Society is running this campaign to convince you that these “ugly” animals are just as important to our ecosystems as the cute and cuddly ones. They even have their own type of charm.

The ugly glob of life voted the world’s ugliest animal is called the blobfish, which is actually well suited to its environment up to 4,000 feet below the surface of the ocean. Its jelly-like body keeps it floating in the high-pressure waters. Otherwise it would get crushed.

Here’s an image of the blobby beauty:


Watch the video below for more crazy visuals and info on the blobfish: