Here's Something Netflix Can't Do


Photo: Flickr/sarahluv

This is one of those great ideas that makes you slap your forehead and say, “Why didn’t I think of that?”Family Video, one of the nation’s largest movie and game rental retailers, is teaming up with Marco’s Pizza to put a pizza parlor into 350 Family Video locations.

This is the best part: Marco’s will deliver your pizza and your movie at the same time.

Netflix doesn’t deliver pizza.

Family Video owns 735 stores in 19 states. It’s one of the few video shops that hasn’t been clobbered by streaming video and game sites like Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon, and Steam because it has a unique business model: it typically owns the whole shopping mall where its stores are located, making it the landlord.

It’s hard to imagine that the old-fashioned video store will survive much longer without some creative thinking. Even Netflix has been trying to get out of distributing DVDs.

We don’t believe that this idea will keep movie rental stores alive forever. But it could keep them around a while longer. If your pizza delivery can be delivered with your movie, that’s a nice Friday night family night tradition in the making.

Family Video will invest over $100 million building the Marco’s Pizza parlors over the next seven years, a spokesperson told Business Insider. The company says it will add more than 7,000 new jobs thanks to the plan.

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