This Big College Basketball Coach Wants To Secede From The NCAA So He Can Pay His Players

John Calipari Kentucky Wildcats Coach College Basketball

Photo: AP Images

Kentucky coach John Calipari wants to pay his players, and he’s willing to blow up the NCAA to do so.Calipari went on Kentucky Sports Radio yesterday and outlined his to plan to create a new college sports order that would free up funds to pay athletes at big conferences schools.

Here are the main points:

  • He wants to create a new division with 64 or 72 of the current “big conference” schools.
  • This division would be divided into four 16- or 18-team superconferences (north, south, east, west).
  • In football, Cal would institute a playoff. Each conference would hold a tournament, with the winners of the four conferences advancing to the national semifinals.
  • In basketball, all 64 or 72 schools would make the tournament.
  • All the revenue generated by those playoffs would go back to those 64 or 72 schools. Which would provide more than enough money to pay athletes a living wage.

Calipari doesn’t say how much athletes would make. Nor does he address some obvious concerns with this model:

Isn’t this system inherently unfair?

Wouldn’t it put an end to the “cinderella”?

How are you going to convince the highly profitable BCS conferences to dissolve themselves and try something new?

But despite this plan’s shortfalls, it’s good that someone as prominent as Calipari is publicly brainstorming ways to fix college sports.

Here’s the full audio.

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