This bathroom in a Silicon Valley venture capitalist office is fully stocked for every pre-pitching emergency

Striding down Sand Hill or University Road just outside of San Francisco in the US, the street is lined with venture capital firms.

Most of the nation’s big tech companies have, at some point, pitched to the North Face vested VCs in the hope they’d buy in. Australia’s Atlassian founders Mike Cannon-Brookes and Scott Farquhar have both been there, as have Campaign Monitor’s Ben Richardson and Dave Greiner.

But for a young startup, it can be a nervy, stomach-churning process. And Murphy’s Law states you will probably spill a cup of coffee down your shirt right before you walk in.

But don’t worry. These VCs have seen it all before and some of their bathrooms are completely decked out for almost every emergency.

This photo was taken in General Catalyst Partners’ bathroom by an Aussie entrepreneur who’s currently walking the street pitching for investment.

There’s everything from a lint roll and mouth wash to pain killers, a pen which gets stains out and wet wipes.

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