This Australian YouTube hit 'The Katering Show' slices and dices every crazy foodie fad, with delicious results


Finally, after all the tension, suspense and journeys of George, Gary and Matt, Manu and Pete, two Melbourne comics have pulled together a smorgasbord of all the fetishes and pretension of foodie culture and given them a good roasting.

The Katering Show by Kate McCartney and Kate McLennan skewers everything from food porn to Sarah Wilson’s ‘I quit sugar’ diet, food intolerance, ethical eating and $2000 Thermomix blenders in a profane, hilarious YouTube series. It’s described as “the journey of a food intolerant and an intolerable foodie”.

McLennan, a Melbourne International Comedy Festival regular produced the Pozible-funded YouTube series Bleak last year and received Screen Australia support to produce The Katering Show.

In just five days, the Thermomix episode has already been watched by nearly 600,000 people and more than 1 million have viewed the six episodes, which includes “Booze Revooze”.

It has echoes of Richard E Grant’s 2003 BBC satire, Posh Nosh, and more recently, Hannah Hart’s cult YouTube series, My Drunk Kitchen.

The Australian’s duo’s take on cooking obsessions will have you choking on your activated almonds with laughter.

Here are some examples:

On food porn McLennan says “these days food isn’t about how it tastes, it’s about impressing people on social media with out how it looks” and includes things like “decanting some soft drink into a mustard jar wrapped in weeds and shoelaces”.

Kate McCartney does food porn

On sugar: “It’s been really bad for you since the Internet”.

A $2000 Thermomix – the “gangbang of kitchen appliances” is a must-have “because you’ve always wanted to join a cult but don’t have the energy for the group sex”.

The local farmers’ market has “an organic cafe, groups of architects on $150k a year and for musical entertainment, a bunch of hippies playing crockery as instruments”.

On chowing down on the native fauna: “Ethically speaking, possums and wallabies are very, very cute, so I’m not going to eat them.”

Risotto is “hot wet rice” that’s “f*#king dinner porridge” and when they have a cook-off, they make “one that is food-intolerant friendly and another that has flavour”.

Tequila is “intolerant friendly, weirdly, even though drinking it will make you intolerable to every single person around you”.

The thought food intolerances were for “people who just wanted to jazz up their eating disorders”.

Watch some of the episodes below:

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