This Australian startup has paid out $300 million to its marketplace over almost 10 years

Envato CEO Collis Ta’eed. Image: Supplied.

Australian marketplace group Envato has now paid out over $300 million to its global community of designers and developers through its several talent and educational platforms.

It has dished out $106 million to the community, which includes designers selling WordPress themes on its ThemeForest marketplace, since January.

There are now 48 users who have made over $1 million in sales each and the company expects that number to double in the next 18 months.

CEO and co-founder Collis Ta’eed says hitting milestones like this is important because it shows growth in its communities.

“There are thousands of industrious, highly skilled and talented people around the world making an income online. Every time this number gets bigger, it means more people have had this opportunity,” he says.

Since launching in 2006 the tech company has built a bunch of marketplaces which offer everything from invitation design to WordPress themes. There are currently 6.4 million items on Envato Market with one purchase made every six seconds.

It’s globally community now exceeds 4 million people which isn’t bad for a family-owned tech company run out of Melbourne.

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