This Australian rental website has cut a ‘try before you sign’ deal with Airbnb

Photo: Airbnb.

Australian rental website has signed a partnership deal with holiday rental site Airbnb to allow renters to “test drive” a suburb with a short stay before they move in.

Rent CEO Greg Bader says it’s the first of several partnering agreements his company, which launched in 2007, plans to sign.

As well as giving renters the chance to spend some time in the neighbourhood where they’re thinking of renting, Bader says private landlords can cover short-term vacancies by also listing on Airbnb.

“One of Airbnb’s key strengths is the fact that the majority of its short stay accommodation options are not in the same areas as hotels, but in the same suburbs or buildings where renters are searching,” Bader said.

“We also see benefits for private landlords in securing long-term tenants or extra income. Rental cycles vary for different landlords, so if there is a student focus, for example, there is real probability of vacancies over the Christmas period – so why not list on Airbnb to cover those periods?”

Under the agreement, potential renters can book a short-term stay via a click-through from the website, which is available now.

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