This Aussie startup has signed a big deal with a US delivery company

Image: Sean Gallup/Getty.

Australian logistics platform startup Swift has signed a deal with a large US-based delivery company.

While founder Joel Macdonald wouldn’t reveal which company it was, Business Insider understands it is the $US2 billion grocery delivery startup Instacart.

Swift co-founder Joel Macdonald looks like he’ll tie up with a high growth US tech company. Image: Supplied.

“We are in the US as we have just signed a deal with a large delivery company through our logistics platform Swift,” he told Business Insider.

“I can’t talk about the details of who we have signed with but it is a huge milestone for our company considering 12 months ago James, Rohan and I were delivering beer on our scooters in a small pocket of Melbourne.”

The trio created the software as a solution for their alcohol deliver company, Liquorun.

Swift is a logistics platform that enables businesses to manage drivers, batch deliveries and provide a realtime delivery tracking to the end user. It’s understood Swift has been working on a white label version of the platform, while part of the team is in New York running a trial with the US company.

Macdonald’s push into the US has meant that his original idea, Liquorun, has been temporarily suspended, but he told Business Insider it will be back up and running in both Sydney and Melbourne in a few weeks.

“Since launching 12 months ago Swift has seen significant growth in such a period of time which has now attracted a lot interest from some large US retailers, probably earlier than we all expected,” Macdonald said.

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