This Apple TV Concept Video Raises A Big Question About The Very Idea Of An Apple TV

apple tv concept


Thanks to countless reports from analysts and others, we’ve all been expecting an Apple TV for a while now.These days, Apple shareholders in particular would love to see one come out.

The smartphone market is pretty saturated now, and Apple needs another category to dominate.

But maybe we should all temper our enthusiasm.

A Russian Apple blogger just made a showing off his concept for an Apple TV. (A French Apple blogger spotted it.)

It’s…kind of boring. It looks like a TV.

And maybe that’s the problem…TVs all look pretty much the same – great.

They’re thin with big screens and small, out-of-the-way frames.

How is Apple going to improve on that?

With software, obviously.

But don’t we already have Apple TV software? Isn’t it called Apple TV? Isn’t Apple TV rather unpopular?

Here’s the video:


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