This app sends random pictures from your phone to your contacts

If you’ve ever wanted to play a game of Russian roulette with your iPhone’s camera roll: There’s an app for that. The app is Rando, a messaging app which will grab a random photo in your phone and automatically blast it out to people in your contact list, or publish it on Facebook or Twitter.

Obviously that’s a very dangerous proposition. And it’s not clear why anyone would want to do this. 

Perhaps the idea is to reduce “friction” in communications between people. Or perhaps it’s an app trying to make a statement — a way to make people think about more deeply about today’s world of sharing and embarrassing photos, as the app’s creator seemed to suggest to The Verge. 

In addition to photos, Rando lets you send a random quote or GIF to people you know. Instead of finding a funny GIF, just select GIF in the app and chose the category “Funny.” Ditto if you’re looking for an inspirational quote. What makes Rando potentially dangerous is the ability to send these messages sight unseen. In fact they’re blurred at first, and you have to choose to unveil it. 

The worst possible scenario is sending a private picture to someone in your contact list. But even a “funny” GIF sent blindly could give the wrong impression. For instance, Giphy, the GIF repository that Rando draws from has both of these GIFs labelled with the funny tag.





Sending something anonymously is risky business, but what do you expect from an app who’s slogan is: Bored? Send a random photo, GIF, or quote. Brave? Send blindly! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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