This App Makes It Super Easy To Yell At Your Senator About Internet Censorship

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To fight the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), as many as 7,000 websites are going dark at midnight. Even Google is changing its home page tomorrow.These websites can now link to a tool called that makes it super easy for people to call their senators to yell about SOPA’s sister act PIPA, which is up for a Senate vote on January 23rd.

The team at Hattery, a seed-stage investment firm based in San Francisco, created to make it simple for people to call their senators.

“In these conversations, it’s clear that Senate staffers want to hear from their constituents,” the Hattery’s Josh Mendelsohn said. “The whole idea is to drive traffic with a simple tool that allows constituents to contact their senator. That’s how we will make a difference.” 

The most immediate challenge is the push for PIPA through the Senate. “If PIPA passes in the Senate, then SOPA will likely succeed in the House,” he said.

Today, the House Judiciary Committee said it would revisit SOPA in February. In other words, it’s far from dead.

The tool is really easy to use. I plugged in my name, email, phone number, and zip code. I got a bunch of talking points and a browser-based phone call that connected me directly to a senator.

Check it out for yourself here.