This App Lets You Check Out Your Tradie Before He Comes Over

Photo: Mark Kolbe/ Getty Images)

Australian tradesmen marketplace Oneflare is hoping that the ability to see short, personal videos of service providers will encourage customers to commit to more immediate bookings simply because they can lay eyes on a prospective handymen.

Using the Oneflare Business Video app customers scroll through a 15 second introduction clip before they book a tradie, putting a person to the service rather than a faceless business name or logo.

Not only does this help to break the ice between customers and businesses but Marcus Lim, CEO of Oneflare, says it is the natural evolution for classifieds.

“There’s no doubt that consumers have high expectations due to access to free and fast information that is easily accessible online,” he said. “We all look for great services at a fair price and want to avoid poor experiences.”

In Australia, this is not an uncommon advertising method for tradespeople selling their services. Local and rural television networks often host ads for such businesses. The difference with this app is that is it more accessible and cheaper for small businesses.

Lim says the new offering from Oneflare compares to services provided by businesses such as Elance and Uber.

“We know that customers want access to transparent information to help them make an informed decision when hiring any service.

“Giving customers focused information is what keeps customers coming back which is why consumer-focused services such as Elance and Uber are so successful,” he said.

The first of its kind in Australia, the app is a scalable and affordable way for local businesses to advertise, rather than seeking a professional, expensive videographer.

Lim also says “This tool is incredibly convenient because the video automatically uploads onto a profile without the business owner having to compress or edit it.”

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