This App Is Going To Change The Way You Buy Groceries

Consumr, app

Photo: Image courtesy of Consumr

Consmr is a free new app that aims to help grocery and drugstore shoppers avoid buyer’s remorse, save money at checkout and discover new items. The reviews remind us of Yelp, and the Discovery feed is like the Instagram of packaged goods. In other words, it’s awesome. 

We took the app for a spin to see what it can do. 

The fun starts on the scan page. Aim your phone at the can to bring up some choices.

Now we'll choose which Diet Dr. Pepper product to view in detail. Let's go with the first.

Looks like it's a buy! Consmr's product profiles show reviews, five-star ratings and more.

The reviews are nice and all, but let's write our own ...

There you go. Since we ditched Facebook, we'll just share it on Twitter.

Back on the profile page, the Alternatives tab shows similar sodas in case we'd like to try something new (or can't afford it).

We can also tap the Nutrition tab to see if Dr. Pepper is healthy. Newsflash: It isn't.

Over on Search, we can browse items by category.

There are lots of sub-categories, although we're bummed they don't include pets.

Another way to find items is tapping Discover. The Instagram-style feed can be sorted by experts, friends and reviews.

Speaking of friends, here's what a profile looks like up close.

Like Instagram, Consmr lets us follow tastemakers to discover new products.

Now learn how to get the rest of your money on track ...

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