This App Helps You See Where All The Boats Around The World Are (Including Sydney Ferries)

This was the line up the coast of bulk carriers waiting off Newcastle port.

If you’ve ever stood on a beach, looked out towards the horizon, spotted a massive ship and wondered what it was, where it’s from or where it’s headed – there’s now an app for that.

Boat Watch is this awesome IoS app which enables you to spot, track and identify ships in real time. The Pro version of the app ($6.50 in the Apple app store) even has an augmented reality setting so you can point your phone at a ship and it will tell you all about it.

It’s similar to the apps such as Flight Radar 24 which identify planes flying overhead.

The boat tracking app awesome if you live near a big harbour or port. So Newcastle residents are probably going to find this app useful to track all the bulk carriers coming and going.

Business Insider tested it in Sydney Harbour today – A good excuse to enjoy the unseasonably warm weather shinning over the stunning city today.

This is one of the Sydney ferries called Friendship. It was sitting at the dock in Circular Quay earlier.

Looking at the app you can see all the boats in the area, their name and what type of boat it is.

You can also click on the ship's name to get more detail - if that's your thing.

Friendship made its way across the harbour and was sitting on the other side of the Harbour over in Mosman Bay not long ago.

And if you can't sit around all day watching the boats go buy in real life you can favourite different boats and the app will keep you updated on movements.

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