This App Helps You Find Your Mobile Phone By Shouting At It

It’s so easy to lose your phone. It slips down the back of the couch, under the seat in the car or behind the bed.

But finding your phone isn’t always easy – when you’re retracing your movements, sometimes you wish it could just talk to you and tell you where it is. It would save a lot of time.

Well, there’s now an app for that. It’s called Marco Polo.

When you shout ‘Marco’ your phone responds ‘Polo’ – and it’s awesome. If only for the novelty factor because sometimes you have to yell Marco a few times before it ‘hears’ you.

It works by running in the background of your phone, using the microphone to listen out for the word ‘Marco’. When it hears it your phone yells back ‘Polo’.

The app is useful when you’ve lost your phone inside your house or a space where Apple’s Find My iPhone GPS feature is too big.

Launched this month, startup founder Matt Wiechec said the app was inspired by the childhood swimming pool game Marco Polo and is just a fun way to find your phone.

“In those moments where we have all lost our phones to the sofa cushions, or left them on the coffee table, or in the bathroom; we now have a fun way to find them again,” he said.

“It’s like playing tag with your phone, just walk around shouting MARCO! and your phone will ring back POLO! in another room.”

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