This Android App Will Make Sure You Never Lose A Text Message Again

Backup and restore android app

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iPhones will automatically back up everything when you sync with iTunes: contacts, calendars, progress in games, and texts.Android users aren’t so fortunate. But there are a few apps that can do the work for you.

How to site Lost In Tech found a great Android app that we tried today that will make sure you never lose a text message.

The free app, SMS Backup and Restore, does exactly what the name implies. With one tap, the app backs up all your texts to a file on your phone’s SD memory card. You can then transfer the file to your computer for safe keeping via your USB cable.

You can also schedule the app to make regular backups to your SD card for any timeframe you choose.

If you need to restore your texts, just tap the “Restore” button and select which file you want to restore from. We recommend naming each file by the date you backed up so you can keep track.

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