This American, whose name is also Peter Dutton, is getting hounded on Twitter amid the Australian leadership crisis

Twitter/ @PeterDutton5This is @PeterDutton5 not @PeterDutton_MP.

An American man named Peter Dutton is getting hounded on Twitter amid the Australian leadership crisis.

“I wish the people of Australia would look at my profile and realize I’m a 30 yr old black man before sending me tweets and DMs,” @PeterDutton5 tweeted on Thursday.

The Australian House of Representatives was shut down until September 10 today while because as Labor’s Tony Burke claimed: “they don’t know who the prime minister is”.

It comes after senior members of the Liberal Party declared they’d lost confidence in Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, who is likely to be booted from the top job if a leadership spill goes ahead, with party room meeting is tabled for tomorrow at noon.

Turnbull says he’ll leave politics if the spill goes ahead.

In response to his tweet, Australians have tweeted back saying things like: “Mate. It’s anyone’s game at the moment over here. Come try out for Prime Minister?” And “To be fair, I’m fairly sure you’d do a better job.”

At the time of publishing @peterDutton5 had been retweeted more than 1,500 times.

“Pretty sure my last tweet has made me the leading candidate for PM of Australia,” he joked after the initial tweet went viral.

“USA! It’s been real, mate.”

He’s not the only American Peter Dutton who cops it.

New Yorker Peter Dutton often finds himself on the wrong end of the stick on social media, but dealt with it grace and humour, previously describing himself in his Twitter bio as “Part-time Supreme Ruler and Lord Protector of Australia.”

Nowadays it’s the much humbler “Very much not Australian”.

Here’s the tweet he has pinned to the top of his Twitter page pointing out he once came down under 20 years ago.

The would-be prime minister has even apologised to the New Yorker and offered to buy him a drink next time he’s in Australia.

After this week he may owe him a slab.

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