This Amazing New Yacht Looks Like A Space Ship — And Is Controlled By An iPad

Adastra Yacht Images

Photo: Courtesy John Shuttleworth

Just last week, one of the most incredible new yachts ever conceived was launched in Zhuhai, China.The yacht, dubbed Adastra, is a 139-foot powered trimaran designed to take her owners on long distance cruises around the Pacific.

And in a nod to the preeminence of the iPad, key functions of Adastra can be controlled through a custom app.

The ship took more than five years to develop and has been delivered at a price in excess of $15 million.

The ship was designed by John Shuttleworth Yacht Designs in West Sussex, England.

The visions for the appointments and decor on the ship look to be first class.

Inside, the Jepsen Designs interior should take on as futuristic a design as on the outside.

The master bathroom looks to be a study in minimalism.

The staterooms are below deck, so they need to make the most of the narrow, curving hull.

While the renderings are nice, ships rarely look like this once constructed.

But the early stages of construction at McConaghy Boats in China stayed true to the renderings.

From the rear, the finished ship seems to maintain all the hallmarks of the radical original design.

Adastra will be mistaken for no other ship on the water.

She may not be the biggest or fastest ship in the world, but she will be able to take nine guests and six crew for a trip.

A range of 4,000 miles means Adastra has carte blanche to travel wherever she pleases.

The ship is undergoing testing now before she is presented to her owners.

Once the owners are in possession, look for Adastra to be cruising all over the Pacific.

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