This all-in-one watch provides you with an on-call chaperon to escort you to your car at night

The 3G Safety Watch. Photo: 3G Safety Watch – ‘Life’s Worth It’.

An Australian technology company has designed a watch that alerts emergency services at the press of a button.

Using 24/7 monitoring and geographical location data, the 3G Safety Watch has been created with the intention of making the vulnerable feel safe.

The wearable technology is linked with an accredited security service which will dispatch an emergency assistant should the user press the emergency button.

The device, which doubles as a regular watch and mobile phone, also features a chaperon service for those who work late and require live monitoring to feel safe while they walk to their car.

3G says the watch was designed for people looking to increase their own personal security or safety, or that of a loved one, the elderly, or for employers wishing to protect their staff.

“The 3G reduces the safety risks to mobile employees, shift workers and solo employees and helps reduce financial risk and associated costs to your business by utilising the technology that is available through the 3G Safety Watch,” a 3G spokesperson said.

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