This airline is selling $316 return flights from Sydney to Beijing

Hotel guides pose for photos at Tiananmen Square on March 4, 2017 in Beijing, China. (Photo by Lintao Zhang/Getty Images)

The Great Wall of China is on the bucket list for many people, and a bargain deal discovered today may give some Australians a chance to see it cheaply.

Return flights from Sydney to Beijing on full service airline China Southern Airlines are now selling for $316, according to discount reporting service Scott’s Cheap Flights.

“Even if Beijing isn’t really where you want to be, pretty simple to jump on a bullet train to take you to another part of China,” said the notice Scott’s subscribers sent on Tuesday afternoon.

Sydney to Beijing return flight on Skyscanner. (Business Insider screenshot)

All flights stop once at the airline’s hub in either Shenzhen or Guangzhou, with the bargain basement price applying for trips over April, May and June this year.

Business Insider has verified the price, with some date combinations showing flights as low as $312, although this can even out to $316 after transactions fees on some online booking sites.

As a full service airline, check-in luggage and meals are included. Scott’s expects the deal to last “a few days at least”.