This Airline Charges By How Much You Weigh

Too fat to fly? Pay up.

Samoa Air is asking oversize passengers to pay more to fly: the larger the passenger, the more they’ll pay.

It’s a pay-by-weight booking system that has been implemented on the carrier’s online system, and it requires you to put provide your heft — or lack thereof — when purchasing a ticket.

Samoa Air chief executive Chris Langton, says the service has been running since January and so far, nobody has an issue with it.

Langton told ABC Radio that airlines have always had to deal with weight concerns on planes rather than who buys what seat. Samoa Airlines has a fleet of smaller aircraft, so weight is always of particular concern.

“Aeroplanes don’t run on seats, they run on weight. The smaller the aircraft you’re in, the less variance you can accept in terms of the differences in weights between passengers,” he said.

The cost is around $1 per kilogram for the airline’s shorter domestic routes, while a price of $4.16 is listed for travel between Samoa and American Samoa.

The service isn’t just about penalising oversize passengers, however. The per-weight charging system works well for families, according to Langton, who says that they are now paying less than ever before for travel around the region.

Presumably if you’re someone like Miranda Kerr that means you can board a plane with a small-ish Volkswagen or something.

Image: Samoa Airlines

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