This Agency Has Its Female Employees Dress Up In Schoolgirl Costumes

Arcana Academy, a small L.A.-based ad agency, has an interesting employee dress code: Its female employees are often photographed wearing schoolgirl outfits.

While we first noticed the costume choices in a shop portrait in the current issue of Adweek—the founders reportedly assured the magazine that the outfits were worn at the female staffers’ request—it looks like this isn’t a one-time occurrence.

The academically inspired shop has this “class photo” on its site:

arcana academy schoolgirl advertising


Founders Shane Hutton and Lee Walters, formerly at Leo Burnett, also go by the title headmaster.

arcana academy schoolgirl advertising

Other staffers have fun job titles too, like conficiens administra.

Advertisers do love their themes—L.A.-based TBWA/Chiat/Day has a surfboard bar, for example—but Arcana Academy’s Victorian-era inspiration takes the cake.

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