This ad used 5-year-olds to explain British politics with cutting humour

Picture: YouTube/Green Party of England & Wales

This is how you do politics.

In the UK, political parties aren’t allowed to advertise on radio or TV. They’re allocated a five-minute slot free of charge in the run up to elections, in an attempt to keep everything equal.

With the UK local elections looming on May 5, The Green Party just rolled out its latest production, and brilliantly decided to devote two-and-a-half minutes of it to being hilarious.

Specifically, to five-year-old kids being hilarious as they pretended to be the country’s two major parties.

We’ll leave it there, apart from this spoiler warning – you might want to leave at 2:40 when the adult comes on and brings everything down:

It absolutely wasn’t necessary. Those kids nailed the state of politics right now – and not just in the UK.