This ad for a maitre d’ demonstrates the computer revolution in global job markets

Royalton Hotel, NYC. Photo: Facebook

The Royalton Hotel New York is one of the city’s finest, and hippest, places to stay, filled with A-list guests.

So, you’d expect that when the Morgans Group, owner of the Royalton, advertises for a maitre d’ for its lobby bar that they would want someone with presence.

Image – Maitre’d Screenshot

The job description seen by Business Insider says the Royalton’s new maitre d’ will be responsible for “ensuring that all guests have an engaging, dynamic experience. The maitre d’ will drive the Morgans Hotel Group vision by culturing and crafting a specific flow and energy to our Lobby bar and Lounge with each greeting, seating, and farewell.”

But, that’s not all. The maitre d’ should also:

Take ownership of the room. Be fabulous, be present, be friendly, and be there for the staff. Take ownership of the staff

“Be fabulous”. That is a big presence, a showman almost.

Paul D’Arcy’s Senior Vice President, told Business Insider that this is where the job description gets interesting.

In keeping with the growing global trend where every employee needs to become operational strong and conversant with IT D’Arcy highlighted that another part of the job description calls for the Royalton’s maitre d’ to also have mastery over three separate IT software platforms.

They need to have “computer proficiency and knowledge of MICROS.” That’s an Oracle hospitality software program. Also needed is knowledge of OpenTable and 7 Rooms.

D’Arcy told Business Insider that the combination of hard and soft skills needed to fulfil the role was a great example of the challenges that job hunters face in the modern economy.

This maitre d’ is expected to have “exceptional style, aura, and demeanor,” to command a room, “to be fabulous”, and to also run the IT program for the bar. That feels like its two people.

But, D’Arcy said “even the most human job has a software interface.”

That’s the revolution taking hold in global job markets.

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