This Ad Exec Just Proposed To His Girlfriend In A Crowdsourced Buzzfeed Meme

len kendall

Photo: Len Kendall

Adorkable! Len Kendall, a digital director at Golin Harris, asked Buzzfeed readers to Photoshop a meme of him proposing to his girlfriend, Katie, and tag it #SayYesKatie.(Translation for non-nerds: He posted this photo of himself on one knee and asked people to edit him into the web’s best-known viral image jokes—cats, Yoda, sloths, etc.)

People responded in the hundreds.

Luckily, Katie said yes.

This sort of thing is becoming a trend. Last month, All Things Digital associated editor Drake Martinet proposed to Stacy Green, Mashable‘s vp/marketing, in an infographic.

What’s next, the proposal video game in which the fiancee must reach level 10 in order to get the ring? Can’t wait.

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