This Ad Agency Says Gamification Is The Key To Saving The Healthcare Industry


Photo: Brunner

Can games help you stop smoking, follow a strict diet, or even prevent diabetes?Advertising agency Brunner thinks so.

Games are “proven to change behaviour,” says Shaun Quigley, SVP of Digital at Brunner, which just released BHiveLab, an idea incubator that helps brands reach customers through new technologies.

Quigley says the lab is currently helping its clients tap into the $2.5 trillion U.S. healthcare industry.

“That high cost is forcing hospitals, insurance firms, and doctors to get creative about how to treat patients,” he says.

So Brunner is getting creative with its clients. For one, its BHiveLab is developing game apps for clients that want to promote “non-game activities,” like following a diet or establishing a workout regimen. 

It recently created an app for Aquafresh called “Time2Brush,” which encourages children to brush their teeth by playing songs and awarding badges.

“Things like points, challenges, and leader boards satisfy fundamental human desires,” says Quigley.

At Brunner, ideas also come from games. They hold timed innovation competitions in their offices called “swarms,” in which they pit teams against each other to see who comes up with the best idea.

The prize? “Bragging rights,” Quigley says, “but making brainstorming competitive has amazing results.”

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