Apple To Unveil New iAd-Supported iTunes Radio Service Today [THE BRIEF]

tim cook appleApple’s Tim Cook

Good morning, AdLand. Here’s what you need to know today:

Apple is expected to unveil its new iTunes Radio product today, that will be fuelled by iAd, Apple’s under-utilized mobile ad network. The company is doubtless looking to steal a slice of the market share in ads currently being taken by Pandora. Ads on iAd/iRadio will be “highly targeted,” Ad Age reports.

baby falcon campbell ewald

Last month we reported that a pair of Peregrine falcons decided to nest on the rooftop of Detroit-based ad agency Campbell Ewald. Apparently the agency hoped this would happen for a while — it planted the nest on its roof way back in 2006. To market the heck out of the event, the shop live streamed the falcons so people could watch the hatching of the eggs. Well, the egg has hatched. Although one baby died, the other survived, and Campbell Ewald wants the public to give it a name. The deadline is today, and a donation of $1,000 will be made in the winner’s name to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. There’s a Tumblr for the baby falcon and a hashtag #CEFalcons.

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Retailers will spend $9.4 billion in digital advertising this year, says eMarketer. That figure will reach $13.3 billion come 2017.

Digiday looks at internet memes that made their way into traditional ads.

Cheerios’ interracial commercial increased its online branding exposure by 77%.

Ad agency creatives are actually seeing an increase in salaries.

People are hating how Canada is trying to remarket a government-owned, French-language TV and radio broadcast from “Ici Radio Canada” to just “ICI,” which translates to “here.”

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